Future Color (Shandong) Material Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of customized high-quality film coatings. The products include plastic absorbing PVC film, coated PVC film, PETG film, and PP film. Currently, the company's main products have more than 2000 designs and colors, and the soul of enterprise development cannot be separated from innovation. After years of development, Future Color is located in Jinan, Linyi, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Shenyang, Xi'an and other places have established direct sales companies and warehousing centers. Product quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise's survival and development. Future Color has been deeply cultivated and cultivated in various decorative film industries for many years. Product quality has always been our core competitiveness that we value most. We have a complete set of inspection and testing process systems, complete inspection and testing equipment, and implement testing data that is higher than industry standards. We will randomly select samples for each batch of film produced, Cutting, sampling, and testing according to the size required by the testing instrument, using a professional knife to cut the film, testing the adhesion of the surface treatment layer, hardness testing, using a pencil hardness tester, conducting surface hardness testing, wear resistance testing, surface hardness of the film, weather resistance testing, UV testing, and carefully preparing each batch of film are our lifelong pursuit.

Twenty years have passed like a flash in the history.
Decades of wind and rain have been very heavy in the growth history of enterprises
In the next 20 years, I wrote a story about the growth of the enterprise with my own wisdom and diligence
In the future, the company will continue to research and develop decorative film, and always keep in line with the domestic priority level
With exquisite craftsmanship and rich experience,
Strive to develop new products with market competitiveness for customers, and strive to make the products perfect
Along the way, we have experienced many hardships but also gained a lot
In 2023, the company has completed a multifaceted transformation towards high quality and multiple types
After 20 years of sharpening and accumulation, the future nature has entered the channel of rapid development,
It is about to open a new page of large-scale operation and effective operation
In this process, the company will continue to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and continue to mature and achieve brilliant achievements in sustained,
healthy and rapid development. Make more positive contributions to the stable growth of the company's performance.