PVC film originally has these advantages

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PVC film material refers to a composite material formed by coating PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin on a base cloth woven from polyester fibers. Compared to PTFE membrane materials, PVC membrane materials have relatively poor durability, fire resistance, and self-cleaning performance, but PVC membrane materials have the advantages of easy processing and lower prices.
Easy to purify: The surface of the membrane will not generate static electricity during scrubbing, and is not easy to adhere to dust. Immediately remove oil stains from the surface with a regular detergent within 12 hours.
Leading fashion suit: Leading fashion colors, meeting personalized needs, and creating imaginative space for you and designers.
3. Good undercoat: With this back coating, the door panel will not be glued for 10 to 20 years after the addition of two component plastic.
4. Scratch resistance and wear resistance: The surface of the film is scratched with a nail without leaving any traces, and the color of the surface is often scrubbed without changing or fading.
5. Non toxic and non polluting: The raw materials are specially refined to remove toxic substances, and heavy metals are not used as stabilizers, so there is no pollution to the environment.
6. No color difference, no discoloration: Each time the product is supplied, the same product has the same color, surface effect, and pattern. Molded door panels will not change color after 20 years of indoor use.
7. Humidity and heat resistance: It can be used in a humid environment not exceeding 85 degrees Celsius.
8. Easy to form: The door panel treated with this film has a good three-dimensional feel, and the film at the groove will not rebound, shrink, and the corners will not turn red.